I consider myself a negotiating ninja, how can Kogan Cars source me a better deal?

We have access to bulk buying power across a range of vehicles and are not tied to one particular brand or manufacturer.

I like to try before I buy, can you arrange a test drive?
Absolutely! Rather than wasting time hopping from dealership to dealership. We can organise your top car choice to be delivered to your home, workplace or you can visit a local car yard, so you can take it for a test drive.
Can Kogan Cars help me buy used cars?
Unfortunately we are currently unable to provide our service for demo or used cars. 
I am ready for something new but already have an existing car, how can you help?
We offer a trade-in and valuation service. Save yourself the hassle of selling your old car or negotiating a ‘fair’ price at the dealership and let our team handle your trade-in for you. We’ll come to your door, give you an honest evaluation and organise to take away your old car at a convenient time and place.
Delivery or pick up - how do I receive my new car?
We aim to please and offer the most convenient delivery options. You can collect your new car from the dealership or we can arrange delivery direct to your door at a time and date that is convenient for you.
What about warranty & servicing?
All of our brand new cars come with the full manufacturer’s warranty, for added peace of mind. 
I want to sell my car, but I need to use it for the next couple of weeks. Can I get a valuation now and sell the car later?

Yes! We can provide a certified valuation and agree on a price now, and arrange a convenient time and location to pick up the car at a later date.

Will a valuation cost me money? Is there any commitment required?

No, all our valuations are provided for free. We won’t pressure you into selling if you don’t want to. We’re committed to providing a pleasurable, stress free selling experience.

I have finance owing on my vehicle – can I still sell it?
Yes. You must obtain a letter from your finance company stating the balance still owing (payout figure). If the price we agree to pay for your car is greater than the balance owing to the finance provider, we will payout the finance company and give you the remaining amount in electronic transfer or bank cheque.
Once I sell my car to, how long does it take to receive payment?

We usually  transfer the money to your nominated account on the day of the sale. Once the funds are in your account (usually on the next business day depending on your bank), we will come to collect the vehicle!

Is it possible for you to buy any car?

We buy all makes and models from 2006 onwards under 180,000 kilometres. However, we cannot guarantee the purchase of every vehicle due to various issues such as very poor condition, major accidents, stolen vehicles etc. If your car has any major issues, please make sure you tell one of our specialists before booking an inspection with us.

Where in Australia do you buy cars?

We operate right across Australia, including (but not limited to) the following locations: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Gold Coast.

How do I claim the Buy & Sell Offer?

Please refer to the full terms and conditions for more information, including how to redeem the Buy & Sell $100 Kogan Credit Offer.

How to I claim the Trade-in Guarantee Offer?
Please refer to the full terms and conditions which contain more information on how to redeem the Trade-in Guarantee Offer.
How to I claim the New Car Price Guarantee?
Please refer to the full terms and conditions for more information including how to redeem the New Price Guarantee Offer

Still have questions?

Use our contact form or email your enquiry to info@kogancars.com.au and a Kogan Buying Specialist will contact you shortly to chat about your vehicle options.